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The Nexxus Vita Tress program is the result of many years of research and development by Nexxus scientists. As with all Nexxus haircare products, VitaTress is a synergy of Botanicals, Proteins and Amino Acids that feed your hair as well as cleanse it.

 Nexxus VitaTress hair products were developed after studying fragile and thinning hair on a molecular level and comparing it to healthy hair, we found three key natural elements missing: Cystine, Protein and Biotin. Since these are the building blocks of healthy hair, they have become the basis of each VitaTress hair product, each one working synergistically to restore your hair to its natural balance, naturally.

The VitaTress haircare revitalizing program is perhaps the most effective and complete non-drug program available for treating fragile, thinning, or fine hair. VitaTress hair products don’t just treat the hair and scalp, but the complete metabolic process.

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